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Cafellissimo Affiliate Program

Refer customers to Cafellissimo and earn 25% revenue with every single purchase they make.

Discover how to start earning stable revenue today

Affiliate program

Every Purchase Counts

Earn commission on any products that referred customers to buy from Cafellissimo.

Earn 25% Commission

Cafellissimo pays you 25% from the orders made by customers referred via the Exagora Affiliate Program.

Earn Lifetime Revenue

Earn commission on any product that referred customers buy from Cafellissimo.


In order to start earning revenue with Cafellissimo's Affiliate Program, you need to start referring customers to Exagora using the special affiliate link. 

  • Join Cafellissimo Affiliate Program using RedTrack platform.
  • After registration, you will see a unique referral link that you share with your customers via your marketing channels.
  • If a visitor clicks on your link on your page, that person will be redirected to
  • Whenever the referred customer makes an order via your affiliate link, it is recorded as your referred sale and you receive 25% of the revenue.
  • You receive affiliate commission payouts via PayPal.
Affiliate program
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Cafellissimo's Affiliate Program Guidelines

Please carefully read the rules below. Joining the Exagora Affiliate Program automatically means you have read and agreed to the terms below. Find the full list of terms and conditions at the bottom of this page. 

  • You cannot refer yourself via your affiliate link. 
  • You cannot refer existing Cafellissimo customers via your affiliate link. 
  • You can only receive payment via PayPal. 
  • Only customers from these countries qualify as referrals: United States.
  • You are forbidden from bidding on branded terms such as ‘Cafellissimo’ or ‘Cafellissimo's product’ - or any obvious variations - in Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or any other PPC campaigns. See FAQs below for more information. 
Any Cafellissimo affiliate attempting to circumvent or violate these rules will have their credit voided, will receive no more payments, and will be banned from our Exagora Affiliate Program. 

Why Join Our Affiliate Program

unique feature

Unique Features

Cafellissimo provides superior features and premier service to our affiliates.

easy tiuse

Easy to Use

Our program is simple to set up and start promotion.

flexible plan

Flexible Plan

Promote on your own time, in your own creative way.

Accurate Reporting

Accurate Reporting

View in depth commission, click, and payout reports with live reporting.

Competitive Commision

Competitive Commission

Large conversion of every sale goes into your pocket.

Account Manager

Account Manager

Someone to answer all your questions.

Cafellissimo's Affiliate Program FAQ

Ready to Join Our Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program

Sign up for our affiliate program today. Within minutes you can create your affiliate account for Cafellissimo. Do it now and start earning money!

Affiliate program

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